10 of the best online gambling sites in Australia this February

There are many websites that publish the top 10 listings by category. Biggest jackpots, best bonuses, busiest site or best choice for game selection, to name but a few. When searching by keyword for the best online gambling sites you will see many choices. Many will be through a comparison website which makes looking for the best sites, really easy. You will find a good selection of sites compared with each other with all the information on the one site.

The individual sites are reviewed by independent researchers and therefore will give an unbiased opinion about their findings. They are experts in this field and know exactly what to look for and what questions to ask. Many of these sites contain live links to the individual site so once you have made your choice it’s a simple step to get there. Ideally you should check out a few of the best online gambling sites before deciding which one feels right for you.

Even if you live in Europe there is no reason why you cannot play on an Australian site. They are available 24/7 so will be there whenever you want to play.

How the best online gambling sites are chosen in Australia.

  • Bonuses in more detail

Sign-up bonuses apply when an initial deposit is made with a new site. There was a slight change to the law earlier this year which means your first bet is limited to an equal or lesser amount of the stake wagered on a sports bet. The majority of sites will offer a bonus averaging $250, although this is not available in all states.

Refer a friend bonuses are offered by some of the best online gambling sites and are used as a way to encourage new players through recommendations from their existing customers. The reward offered to their customers for an introduction is roughly $50.

Random bonuses are sometimes known as seasonal bonuses and are randomly made available throughout the year. If, as a registered player, you have not visited the site for some time, you will be offered a bonus to encourage you to revisit the site. Seasonal bonuses are offered during the main racing season or televised tournaments as well as during the national holidays, such as Christmas.

  • The software used by the best online gambling sites.

The software that is used onsite is a really important part of the total experience of playing online. Technology has advanced so much during the last five years that software providers have to keep up with these changes or get left behind. New customers will not be attracted to an old fashioned site and existing customers will soon start to look for alternatives once their site starts to look outdated.

  • Customer service.

However smoothly a site runs, there will always come a time when a customer has a query about an aspect of his betting status. It is up to the site to provide various options for the punter to have these queries answered. You will find 24/7 live operators, onsite FAQ sections, liver chat facilities and dedicated email addresses. The latter having a time limit with which a customer can expect a response.

  • Free online competitions.

Another point to watch out for when looking for the best online gambling sites is the availability of free competitions. These range enormously depending on the type of bet made: free tipping and dream teams for the sports bets and accumulator race bets and place cards for the racing community. Huge prizes are on offer here with a recorded prize from last year netting one punter $10,000 during one promotion. The largest free competition during the last few years was the Sportsbet’s Million Dollar Tipping for the AFL and NRL. One lucky punter won $100,000! Ladbrokes introduced their Megs Fecta promotion whilst the Melbourne Cup was taking place. Whilst not being a free competition; if a punter correctly placed the first seven horses in the correct winning order, he stood to win $10 million and all for just a $1 entry stake.

  • Promotions from the best online gambling sites.

Promotions are one way that a site uses to keep its existing customers coming back for more. They devise new and unusual sports specific offers which encourage its punters to try their hand at something new. You could be offered money back specials on some horse race or sports event. All these offers and bonuses are launched as a way of keeping you keen.

  • Online Owners Club.

If you happen to be the owner of a greyhound or horse you are eligible to very special deals if a bet is placed through one of the affiliated sites. Up to 20% extra is paid on top of the regular prize money.

  • Deposits and payouts accepted by the best online gambling sites.

Most Australian gambling sites offer various ways by which a deposit can be made: these include but are not limited to- Bank EFT, BPay, PayPal, POLi, Visa and MasterCard. Withdrawals made through these same methods are usually processed within 48 hours. Some of the bigger companies, notably Ladbrokes, have launched their own ATM card which means any withdrawals can be instantaneous.

One other point taken seriously by the best online gambling sites is that of promoting responsible gambling. These sites have a section which will identify whether or not you have a problem through a question and answer session. If you think that you fall into the problem category, then advice is freely given to help you get back on the right track.

Finding your way to the best online gambling sites is just a few clicks away and once you have chosen a site which is right for you, you can be registered and playing within a few minutes.