An Introduction to the Most Popular Online Gaming Software Platforms

The online gaming software makes a great impact to the reputation and overall quality of the online casino site. Once an online casino site uses reputable casino software, it would almost automatically follow that the online casino site is trustworthy too. On the other hand, if the casino software used by your gambling site is notoriously known for scheming activities and games, then you will instantly notice that there are fewer players that pay attention to that online casino site. However, this theory on online gaming software may not be applicable all the time.

There are certain qualities and features of online gaming software that distinguishes it from other softwares available. The best way to know the performance of gaming software is to read news articles about it or research facts on the subject at hand. Having the knowledge about various gaming softwares will allow you to be open minded and conscious when dealing with online gambling sites. As far as security is concerned, you can never rely too much on the things you see in the Internet. There are sites that are covered with great offers and promotions but in reality they are just waiting for their prey in the corner. You should always be mindful in choosing the right site with the right online gaming software today.

Introducing the Best Online Gaming Software Platforms for 2015

Due to the vastness of the space in the virtual market, there are a lot of online gaming software platforms that are providing games to several online casino sites. Among these many software providers, only a few are actually doing a great job in satisfying the players with respect to the games and the overall quality of service provided. For the software to be considered as one of the top softwares for the year, it has to pass the standards of the online gambling authorities. In order to achieve the standards, the software must be able to provide games that will meet the demands of the online players. The online gaming software must also make the games efficient because it is not enough that the games are attractive.

For your reference, here are the top 5 online gaming software platforms that made big waves in the online gambling industry this year:

Microgaming Software

This is the very first ever online gaming software when online gaming was first introduced in 1994. Over the years of providing games to millions of online casino players, they have already made an indestructible name and mark on the virtual market. When you talk about Microgaming software, it means you are playing in the best online casino sites. One of the qualities that make this online gaming software great is the number of games it has created. At this point, Microgaming has already created a total of over 800 games which are enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. These games are of different genres and categories so you will have a lot of options to choose from. Microgaming software developed not only real time games but also offline versions. For those of you who doesn’t have 24/7 access to the Internet, you will still be able to play the games developed by Microgaming in the offline version. This is one of the features that give Microgaming software an edge over the other softwares today.

NetEnt Software

This gaming software swept the gaming community by storm. NetEnt has received lots of awards over the course of its existence. Many online players are interested in trying the unique online casino games offered by any NetEnt powered online casino site. What you do not know is that the software provider is also partly responsible for the jackpot prizes attached to the games. That is why you should always look for an online gaming software that is generous and luckily you have NetEnt software. You can enjoy over 200 game categories from this software so you will not have a reason to get bored while you are logged into one of its online casino sites. Some of the most popular games created by NetEnt are Mega Fortune, Starburst, Blackjack Pro and many more.


This is another gaming software that has great popularity to its name. Betsoft offers a wide variety of games that will surely keep you up all night long. Most of the online players who patronize this online casino software are those players who are major fans of 3D graphics. For an online casino player, casino games will be more exciting if played realistically or in 3D graphics. This gives Betsoft an edge over the other softwares today. The animation and the overall visual content of Betsoft are really impressive and it gives the players more reason to play online casino games than in traditional casino houses. When you play the games from this online gaming software, you will experience life-like online gambling and you might even stick to this software afterwards because of that.


This one right here is also very popular and powerful gaming software. Playtech is not only leading in terms of online casino softwares but they are also known for their offline games not related to online gambling. They have various game categories suited for all ages. If you want to play games for fun and for free, you can easily download their games on your device. If you are looking for hardcore gaming experience, you can also have it in Playtech’s gallery. Even when you go offline, you can enjoy over hundreds of games in an endless mode. This is what makes Playtech stand out. The portability of the games this online gaming software provides is higher than the rest of the software providers today. The most popular game developed by this software provider is the everlasting Marvel Series Slots.

Real Time Gaming (RTG)

One of the biggest names in the gambling industry that allows you to play in real time is RTG. This online gaming software has earned itself a lot of love and praises from its patron. The highlight of this software is the accessibility of the social function. One of the main reasons why players engage in online gambling is to make new friends and acquaintances outside their social circle and RTG is doing a really great job in bridging the gap created by geographical boundaries. This software has been providing great quality games to millions of players since 1998. Their experience and years of existence are already great proofs to their greatness. The deposit and withdrawal schemes provided by this software also play an important part in the success of the software.