Can free bingo still offer you big jackpots?

There are two ways of looking at free bingo sites: you either love them or dislike them. If you love them, there’s a good possibility that you had an enjoyable time playing on such sites. You may have made new friends with the chat feature that some free bingo sites offer.

On the other hand, you may dislike such free sites for bingo playing because you weren’t impressed by the jackpot prizes offered. In fact, comparing them to the paid sites, you may have found the jackpots offered on the free sites rather paltry.

Is that always the case? Are the jackpots offered on free bingo sites not worth the time of serious players? Let’s find out whether or not such sites can still offer big jackpots, by comparing some of them.

Costa Bingo

The Costa Bingo site is impressively friendly-looking and simple to navigate. On its home page, it clearly lists down the following information regarding jackpots and whether the games are indeed free:

For the Costa Crazy Game

  • Prize: Guaranteed £10,000
  • Price per card: FREE
  • Min amount of cards per player: 1
  • Max amount of cards per player: 96
  • Ball type: 90 ball bingo

A guaranteed £10,000 prize? That is not paltry, not by any means!

Robin Hood Bingo

The Robin Hood Bingo site comes in a fittingly ancient forest-like theme. Like the Costa Bingo site, it also goes straight to the point with the following details regarding jackpots and whether or not the bingo games can be played for free:

  • After registering, players are given unrestricted access for two whole days to the bingo no deposit Access is between 10am-11pm on the Robin Hood bingo site.
  • In the bingo no deposit room, the jackpot is £80.
  • When the 2 bingo playing days that are free have been consumed, players will be given access to additional Free Bingo rooms once they make their first deposit.

An £80 jackpot – not huge, but not paltry either. Just all right, considering that if a player wins, he/she will have done so without any amount paid.

PCH Bingo

How about the PCH (Publishers Clearing House) Bingo site? On their blog, they state that they have an Instant Bingo, which is a free online bingo with a huge jackpot.

How huge? Take a look at the details they provide:

  • It is possible to instantly win $1,000 (almost £700).
  • There are four rounds that a player can take part in. One free online bingo card is provided for each round. The rounds and their prizes are as follows:
    • Round One   – up to $50.00 Cash
    • Round Two   – up to $100.00 Cash
    • Round Three – up to $150.00 Cash
    • Round Four   – up to $250.00 Cash
  • If players don’t win in any of the rounds, they can still get an entry for other kinds of valuable prizes, which could be a car, $3,000,00 for a “dream home,” or even a $10,000,000 Super Prize (which is not even the jackpot, yet)
  • They also have a game called “Jackpot Balls” where players get to collect balls (after every game they take part in). The balls collected should spell out the word “Jackpot.” When the letters are complete, and the word spelled correctly, the prize can go as high as $5,000 because during each week, the prize keeps growing.

The figures quoted are just samples of what PCH is prepared to offer in relation to free bingo games. Not bad.

Clearly then, not all free bingo sites will leave you feeling sad at the kinds of jackpot prizes offered.

Still, there’s a long way to go before such free bingo sites can match or top what is being offered by the paid bingo sites, in terms of jackpot prizes.

The question, can it ever happen? After all, the playing is free, so there’s no real revenue being generated for the site owners. That being the case, won’t these free bingo sites just eventually sputter out of online existence?

Advertising and Sponsorships Come to Save the Day

For a great number of free online bingo sites, their business model is not considered gambling because the games are free in the first place. No bets are being placed, no risks with electronic cash taken.

Having classified themselves that way, they are more prone to solicit advertising and sponsorships. In turn, the advertisers and sponsors agree to support the free bingo sites, in one way or the other.

The support may be given in the form of cash prizes, including the jackpot that players aim for. Support may also come in the form of non-cash prizes such as cars, furniture, appliances, houses, or whatever it is that the free bingo site owners agree upon with the advertisers or sponsors.

More Advertising and Sponsorships, Bigger Prizes

In essence then, the free bingo sites generally follow the business model used by traditional offline media. Television and radio, for example, turn a profit not from their number of viewers or listeners, but rather from the quantity and quality of advertisements or sponsorships that they get to air.

At least, that’s how it is with most online bingo sites that are based in the USA.

What about those bingo sites that originate from the United Kingdom?

UK Gambling Commission

Online gambling is considered legal in the UK, and there’s a Gambling Commission that regulates commercial gambling. Bingo is a part of the games that are regulated.

As such, there is a difference between the way free bingo games are being presented and handled to the public, depending on where the online bingo site originates, or is based.

Therefore, as to the question of can free bingo still offer big jackpots. The answer is “yes, it can.”

The actual size of the jackpot prize, though, will depend on several factors. Chief among those factors is the location of the online bingo site.

If it’s in the US, the jackpots could be determined by the number of advertisers and sponsors. In the UK, even with  bingo sites, it’s business as usual for those who provide opportunities for players to get some free games in. Hopefully, such players will be attracted to play more and make deposits, after they get a taste of the excitement that playing online bingo, and possibly winning a huge jackpot ,can bring.