Which Country Has the Most Trustworthy Gambling Sites?

The governments from both sides of The Atlantic have a tight control over the sites but this differs widely. Casinos are actually illegal in many states in America nor are the ones that are allowed under such strict legislation as there are in Europe. Not only are the European ones tightly controlled by the government; some casinos in Holland are owned by the Dutch government! The revenue generated by the gambling sites in America carry smaller taxation that the European counterparts.

A lot of the larger European cities have a casino but usually it is just one; whereas in the USA where gambling is permitted you will find several sites within the same area. This leads to strong competition which leads the casinos to offer lots of free rewards, bonuses and offers. You may find free transport, hotel accommodation and extensive onsite entertainment complexes. Due to the lack of close competition, offers like these in Europe are rare because their customers do not have the same choice of alternate venues.

You may find some EU casinos actually charging an entrance fee. This is unheard of in America and would not be popular with customers. Generally speaking the Americans rely on generous tips to supplement their salary, whereas tipping in EU casinos is not really expected.

Online gambling sites on either side of The Atlantic are under similar jurisdiction. One thing you will notice when you visit a European online site is that players from the USA are not permitted to play.

Due to the very tight rules and regulations that govern online gambling, it might be considered safer to play on the highly regulated European sites.

Registration is very easy but strictly controlled. There is a minimum age requirement of 18 years of age. Details which are taken from your debit or credit card are used as age verification. All your personal details which are taken on registration are securely encrypted using the latest 128 bit technology. They are passed on to a remote secure server so your personal details are not held on the gambling sites and, as such, the staff there have no access to them. This makes for a very trustworthy system!
What are the other points to watch out for on the various gambling sites?

  • Ease of registration.
  • Site security and legitimacy.
  • Ease of use with minimal distractions.
  • Acceptance of various currencies.
  • Acceptance of various methods of funding you games.
  • The ability to read the site in different languages.
  • Customer care and helplines.

All online gambling sites are governed by the local authority and will have been granted a gaming license. This license will be on display on their site. You may see the country of registration as The Channel Islands, Malta, Costa Rica or Curacao. This is quite normal and is nothing to worry about. It should give you the confidence of knowing that you are playing on a legitimate site which will be subject to regular checks to the software in use to ensure it has not been altered in the casinos favour. The USA as similar checks in place but they are not as tightly controlled as the European ones.

Once registered with the site, you will be able to use some of your free bonus money immediately. It’s worth reading through their terms and conditions though before making any real deposits. Check out their forums and chat rooms and interact with other more experienced players and ask their opinion of the site. You may even get some playing hints from them!

You will sometimes find video tutorial on some sites which will guide you through the various games. These are very interesting even if you have no intention of playing a particular game. The more knowledge gained about a game will give you a better understanding of how to play it. Some of the various types of bets that can be made are also explained on these gambling sites.

By giving as much help as they can, it is their goal to make your experience with them as enjoyable as possible. A satisfied customer is far more likely to return and even recommend a friend. Some sites offer cash bonuses for referrals, so have a chat with your friends and encourage them to sign up as well.

Most gambling sites will publish a list of previous winners and the size of their prize. It’s always nice to hear good luck stories from others! Some sites will offer other big prizes on a regular basis, these could include top of the range cars, speedboats or all inclusive holidays to far away exotic locations. There is a site in Australia that offers a $1,000,000 house as a first prize. Surely worth the price of a ticket or two!

To find a really trustworthy gambling sites, you will need to do some research online and read as many independent reviews as possible. Check out the chat rooms to see if previous punters have had problems claiming their winnings or other unresolved issues. Only this way will you find trustworthy online gambling sites.

It may seem at first as though you are walking through a minefield, but in reality, most online sites are as honest and concerned about online fraud as they can be. They will soon lose their precious gaming license if they are found to be operating a dishonest site. They will stand to lose their good name and financial investments very quickly and will be banned from operating similar sites in the future. This is too big a risk for the genuine operators.

Check out the big names from the high street bookmakers and read some reviews about their online gambling sites. These surely must be as trustworthy as is possible to find as they are so well-known in the gaming circles.