Free Bingo Games 101

Free bingo games are the latest fad in the online gambling world. Most sites offer free games as a means to allow players to try out the site before playing with real money. Let’s have a look at some of the top free bingo games that are being played each day.

Bingo Flip Daily Challenge

Bingo Flip Daily Challenge is all about non-stop fun competitive free bingo games. You will be given bingo cards with the help of which you have to daub the squares on your bingo card based on the number/feature that is being called out loud. You can make 12 lines for the highest number of points on your bingo card. Beat your own records by scoring more points with Bingo Flip Daily Challenge. Play every day and win more.

  • How to play:

You have got to make matches of three plus bingo balls on your cards. Once the number matches with the colored bingo balls on your card, they will automatically be daubed. You win a bingo if you manage to create 5 cell lines diagonally, horizontally or vertically. You can win maximum of 8 free bingo games to win the Bingo Flip Daily Challenge.

  • Scoring Mechanism:

3 Matching Balls will give you 30 bingo points

4 Matching Balls will give you 80 bingo points

5 Matching Balls will give you 150 bingo points

6 Matching Balls will give you 240 bingo points

Swedish Bingo

Swedish Bingo is fast paced as it allows you to play with 4 bingo cards at a time. All you have got to do is to ensure that you remain active while scrambling the numbers on your card so as to make excellent returns at the end of each round of free bingo games.  If you can’t keep up to the pace of the game, you can make use of the pause button to pause the game for a while to cover up for the lost information. It comprises of 3 rounds. You can win 1000 points in the first round by covering 5 numbers horizontally in a row, 2500 points by covering 3 rows in round two, 5000 bonus points in round three by covering all the numbers on your card.

Scoring Mechanism:

Round 1 expects you to cover 1 horizontal line worth 1000 credits

Round 2 expects you to cover 3 horizontal lines worth 2500 credits

Round 3 expects you to cover the whole card worth 5000 credits

Every round you earn 10 credits at each cover

All in all 68 bingo numbers are called out loud. The game concludes at the end of 68th number.  You can earn 1 Slingo coin for each credit earned.

Wheel of Fortune Bingo

Wheel of Fortune Bingo happens to be Americas preferred free bingo games.  There are two main types of variants available viz., Puzzle Bank and Prize Balls.  You begin by solving Puzzles with Puzzle Bank or try your luck with Prize Balls. If you manage to reach up to the bonuses round, you get to spin for Prize Envelopes.  Make the most of your spins by trying to hit as many bingos as possible with 3 bingo cards. You score a bingo by getting 5 numbers in one row that can be in any direction. You can bag maximum number of bingo tokens by playing Puzzle Bank. You shall get to spin the Wheel of Fortune that has a big token payout on getting a bingo.

Mega Jackpot Bingo

Mega Jackpot Bingo is one of the most sought after free bingo games available on the internet.  One bingo ball can go with 4 separate bingo balls. You can take advantage of customizable bingo options provided by Mega Jackpot Bingo.  You can choose any of the 6 different types of Bingo games.  There are different patterns that you have got to cover for each game- for instance, Letter X, Solid Diamond, 4 Leaf Clover, Letter X, Bow Tie and Picture Frame. You should ideally choose a pattern that covers maximum number of squares in order to earn more points.

There are bonus balls offered throughout the game that enable you to win 4 times the points offered by each conventional ball. You may consider making use of the pause button if you feel the pace of the game is difficult to match. All in all 65 different numbers are being called out to end a particular game.  You can earn additional points if you reach one blackout of all the bingo cards allotted. You stand a chance to win Mega Jackpot Bingo worth 50000 credits if you succeed in covering all 4 bingo cards.  You may choose to begin the game with either ‘lite’ version or ‘classic’ version of the Mega Jackpot Bingo game. You can customize the free bingo games as per your preferences or play with the default version.

  • Scoring Mechanism:

You earn 1 credit with each cover

You earn 4 credits with every Bonus Ball Cover

You earn 100 credits at each Bingo

  • For bonuses:

5 credits are allotted to each number

50 credits are allotted to each line

250 credits are allotted to letter X

500 credits are allotted to a Picture Frame

5000 credits are allotted to a Blackout

Video Bingo Deluxe: Gobble till you wobble

Play Video Bingo Deluxe: Gobble till you wobble by beginning with 4 bingo cards by placing bets on each card. You get to score a bingo by getting 5 numbers in a row that can be in any direction. You can collect boosts like Pilgrim and Gobbler. Win 1 million tokens to fill in your thermometer by gathering as many dishes as possible.

Bingo by Ryzing

Bingo by Ryzing is one of the leading free bingo games available online. You can begin with this game if you are interested in making rewards in real money without any real investment.  The best thing about the game is that you can socialize with your family and friends through team-play, gifting options and through in-game chat.  It has gained immense popularity on Facebook.  You can begin by creating an account online in fraction of seconds.

  • Categories of games available:

Real Cash Prize Rooms

Bingo across the World

Special Bingo Rooms

All you have got to do is select the bingo room of your choice and you will be auto directed to the play room. Hit the play button to start the game. You may choose to play the free bingo games manually or on auto mode as per the level of your comfort.