Free computer games that include gambling

You will need to search the net for sites that allow you to gamble on the outcome of free computer games. As the games become more and more popular, betting on the outcome of them is entering the mainstream, whereas at one time it was considered a niche market and quite hard to find.

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As a fan of PC games, you will already know about the various categories into which they fall, but for those who are new to all this, the main categories are listed below.

Open World Action
Fighting Games
Exploration And Survival


This list is not exhaustive and you will find a lot more choice, but these are the ones that you will see most of the time whilst searching for free computer games that you can wager on the outcome.

Some points to look for when betting on free computer games.

PC Betting

Finding the right site was once a very difficult project because most of this type of betting was confined to specialist sites. Such sites still exist but as PC gambling enters the mainstream, so too does the availability of sites on which you can gamble on the outcome of the games. Online video gaming is now one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. It should come as no surprise then that theses gamers want to add a little more excitement to their games through betting on the outcome. A player has total control over the tournaments and the reporting of the winners to the specialist site. Betting on free computer games is getting easier.

This is made possible by tournament style betting. Players compete against each other in arranged tournaments and bet on the outcome. The game is downloaded to each player’s computer and it must be the same platform and version for it to be successful. By doing so, it can be a relatively safe way of gambling as you are always in control of your own PC.

Betting on PC Video Games and free computer games.

At one time, the only way to gamble on the outcome of these games was to play with a group of friends who were together at the same time, in the same area. One website recognised that there was a need for something that offered this possibility to more people and as such, started a site where it was possible. This site acts as mediator and organiser of the tournaments. It collects the bets and organises the pay-out to the winner. As a player, you have no worries about the legitimacy of this site and no worries if your “friend” decides not to pay you. The site will monitor the games to ensure there is no cheating or collaboration between the opponents.

Betting on the outcome of games is certainly nothing new, but the format of these modern video games is now becoming acceptable. You may find an ongoing tournament or have the option of suggesting one of your own. You will be charged a “buy-in” before being accepted to any game, this money will then be used as a determining factor in the prize money offered, nothing new here! Each player must contribute the same amount when placing a bet on these video games. Depending on the amount of other players, the prize money could be quite substantial.

How to bet on free computer games.

The process involved with this betting is relatively simple. After just a few steps, you will be able to gamble on the game of your choice. This new type of betting is just as easy and as safe as the more conventional bets placed on racing or at a casino. This type of betting is essentially tournament betting which means the winner of the game collects all the initial stakes. To start this process, you will need to register with one of the sites that host these tournament style competitions. Most sites will give you the option of multi-player games or as a one to one match. You will be introduced to your opponent/s online and then start playing the game as you would normally. You need to record the outcome and report this to the host who will then organise the pay-out.

Are all free computer games available in this way?

You will find all the most popular games are covered in one way or another and betting can be arranged on most of them. If your favourite game is not on the list, you have the option to suggest a tournament is started. The host will then add your game to the available list and wait for other gamers to express an interest. Easy!

Some of the free computer games on offer are obviously set up for gambling; horse racing, football, golf and motorsport to name buy a few. Other games which are less obvious involve you entering a section as part of the game, and bet on the outcome of a staged event. This may seem a complicated process, but as an avid gamer, you will know your chosen games very well and will see the possibility of where the gambling can occur within the game.

Once you have found a site that hosts free computer games with a gambling option, you will be amazed at what other people will gamble on. You too may be inspired to make your own suggestion for an upcoming tournament because you feel that you are particularly good when playing a part of the overall game.

Playing free computer games is now a worldwide business that becomes increasingly popular after the launch of a sequel to the last edition. They are popular throughout the world and can be played in many languages. Truly international!