Free computer games that include gambling as well

The gaming industry was one of the last ones to realize the advantages the development of the personal computer and internet had to offer. They eventually found a way to expand their presence into the homes of players. Slowly at first, but surely, free computer games that were centered on gambling were presented to gamers and received a warm welcome. The reason behind this is that games used in casinos and the gaming industry tend to be highly addictive, even where there is no money involved.

People love to play those games, but cannot afford to go to a casino every day. Naturally, the next best thing is to play one of your favorite casino games in the comfort of your home. We found this subject curious and set our sights on finding the most important free computer games that include gambling.

Top list of free computer games

Providers of online computer games often promise to offer free computer games; however, not many offer them. Of late, it has been seen that people love to play free games before risking their money. The developers saw this as an opportunity to attract new customers. The result is that most of them now offer free games for first timers at least. Here’s our exclusive list.

  • Slot Machine

Slots used to be one of the most popular games in casinos, and guess what, they still are. You might be wondering why slot machine is an important game on this list. Well, this is one of the rare instances where casinos and the gaming industry took suggestions from PC gamers and implemented their desires into machine programming and development. As a direct result of this, we now have  progressive jackpot slots which are the most popular form of gambling at online casinos. Some of these are available as free computer games too. These machines started copying what Slot Machine was doing on a PC and that’s when they found the game to be so popular.

  • Casino Tropez

The next entry on our list is pretty important as well. This was one of the first free computer games that offered more than 100 casino games in various formats. Furthermore, they were amongst the first games that allowed you to keep track of your progress and earn in-game achievements. This is what drove the development of both live and online gaming solutions and major companies in the industry to take notice the idea behind this PC game. You now have loyalty and achievements cards and profiles all over the gaming industry; thanks to the Casino Tropez PC game.

  • Club Vegas Casino

You might think this is almost an identical game to our previous entry, but you would be wrong! There is a major difference between these games. This one is popular! Creating a great game is only half of the job, you need to attract players to your product, and Club Vegas Casino does just that. This game became a huge hit and is one of the most important free computer games in general, not just in the gambling world. Sharing a name with an already established brand certainly helped, but gamers still have this game installed.

  • World Class Poker

Chris Moneymaker moved a mountain back in 2003 when he won the World Series of Poker Main Event title, after qualifying for it online. Everyone took notice, including some companies who make computer games. And while many of them were geared towards simply allowing players to play online for real money, only a handful of free computer games were focused on offline gameplay. World Class Poker is for that reason one of the most important games in the world of gambling. This game offers players a way to learn the ins and outs of their favorite games. It also has tutorials, pro tips, examples, exercises and every tool possible to help you get better at poker. That approach was later adopted by every other casino game on the market.

  • Big Fish Casino

If Casino Tropez was a spark and Club Vegas Casino a forest fire, then this game is an atomic bomb! Big Fish is a company that has millions of players eagerly waiting for their next creation. And when they came up with their casino game, the world went nuts. This is by far one of the most popular free computer games. Ever since its launch, more than 200 million players had this game installed on their computers. That number is simply mind-blowing and it was found that real casino’s benefited more from this game than from other games. So now you can really put the importance of this game into perspective.

  • PokerStars

Do you remember Chris Mooman, a professional poker player from the UK?  Well, PokerStars was the platform that he used to qualify for the WSOP. PokerStars is one of the biggest platforms and certainly the biggest name in the online gaming industry. But what’s that got to do with PC gamers? A lot in fact!  You see, early on, this platform was focused on PC gamers and offered an offline mode of playing. And people were hooked on it.

Prior to 2003, there were more players on this platform than real life poker players in casinos. And in the last couple of years, PokerStars started offering other casino games like roulette and blackjack that attracted millions of players. They transformed the online gaming industry and increased the value of it from 200 million to 200 billion dollars a year in less than a decade. Now they do not offer an offline mode, but technically they belong to a class of free computer games, and deserve a spot on our list.

There are many other free computer games but some of them are not specifically focused on gambling. But that is a list for another day. Our criterion was the importance and the popularity of the games besides the impact they had on both free games category and gambling category combined. Another factor we took into consideration is how well the game has aged and how relevant is it today in the world of free games. We hope you liked our list and if you think that we missed a game, or that some of the games we presented today does not belong to this list, feel free to leave us your opinion in the comments section.