How Big Is Online Casino Gambling And How Big Can It Get?

Gambling can be traced back to  thousands of years ago. People back then may not have known it but perhaps they were already gambling. There are different kinds of gambling and betting, and all of which also became famous online when the greater population starting to gain access to the World Wide Web. Surely, people had a harder time processing and developing games because of the resources, but it became possible and eventually took the world by storm when online casino gambling was established. Nowadays, gambling at online sites or downloading gambling games is one of the favorite pastimes for internet users.

  • Where Did Online Casino Gambling Start?

Online casino gambling started in 1994 when the Caribbean Nation passed the Free Trade and Processing Act which seeks to legalize online gambling and grant licenses to gambling organizations that were already online. It was only in the late 1990s when online games started becoming famous. There were initially only 15 online gambling casino sites in 1996 but the number quickly increased to 200 in 1997. In 1998, the revenues made by the online gambling casino industry alone was a whopping $830 million. This was also the same year when poker was first introduced.

The Internet Gambling Prohibition Act was introduced in 1999. This means that a company will not be allowed to introduce any online casino gambling to US citizens. However, this did not pass. 1999 was also the golden year where multiplayer gambling was established. This was the very first time that people were able to simultaneously gamble and interact with each other in real time. So, the years passed and the internet has rapidly become popular and accessible to people. It took the online gambling casino industry with its rise. Up to this day, the popularity of casino games have not faltered.

  • Why Is Online Casino Gambling Very Popular?

People might never know the reason behind the undeniably popular reputation of the online gambling casino world. Perhaps, it is just truly human nature that we like to take risks. People like the thrill of wondering what will happen next, whether it’s a game of wits or plain strategies. It is human nature to always seek a winning place.

Since people also naturally avoid risks in real life aspects, such as work and relationships, gambling became an outlet for this need for a thrill. Gambling makes people feel alive, with the adrenaline running through their veins.

Reasons Why People Like Online Casino Gambling:

  • You Can Play Anywhere

This might be the main reason why online casino gambling is very popular. It is because you can play anywhere you want. You no longer have to look for a land based casino just to be able to play your favorite online casino game. You can stay within the confinement and comfort of your home and just sit lazily on the couch or lie sprawling in bed and still get the chance to play poker, or any other game for that matter, with your friends or strangers from the different parts of the world.

This is made possible because most online casino gambling applications can already be downloaded in your handy smart phones, tablets or laptops. You can take it anywhere you go, even if you are out of town or on vacation. The fun and enjoyment you will experience when playing on a land based casino is the same as the one you will experience when playing online. Online sites have come a long way in to make your gaming experience as close to a real casino as possible.

  • You Can Win Real Cash

There is nothing better than being able to play your favorite game at home and still be able to win real cash for it. Most online casino gambling sites offer real pot money. This makes playing more fun and exciting. You make real bets and it does not matter whether you like high stakes or low ones because there will always be a game that is right for you.  You just lie on your bed at home, holding your smart phone and playing a real time online poker game, and after a few minutes, voila! You can win and get the pot money. No long lines for cash outs, unlike in land based casinos. This saves you time, energy and is safer.

  • Take Advantage Of Bonuses And Deals Only Offered Online

There are certain bonuses and deals that can only be achieved online. Unlike in land based casino games where you will very rarely find a good deal. One of the best deals that have been offered by the online casino gambling industry is the no deposit games. This means you do not have to risk your money nor pay out any amount, not a single cent, to be able to play a game. No deposit casino games are still played live and in real time and still gives players the opportunity to win real money even without cash out from the players.  You will never find this type of deal in a land based casino. Online casinos are fun, but these deals, bonuses and offers are definitely the cream of the crop. There are also free spins and slots games that still allow you to win real cash.

  • Learn From Free Trials

If you are having doubts on how to play certain online casino games, worry no more because almost all sites offer a free trial period. This free trial period allows players who are not familiar with the game to test the game and experience the mechanics. Compare this to land based casinos where you do not get the chance to play a trial version and you immediately need to bring out cash and just go with the flow. These free trials need no commitment from you, you are not required to make a deposit, to finish the game or to join once you finished it. If you do not feel like continuing on, and then you can stop anytime. This gives you an opportunity to exit the game when you’re losing too much or when you need to go do something else.

Although the games might be the same, as well as some mechanics from online casino gambling sites to land based casinos, the difference is more significant. Playing in online gambling casino sites is definitely more player and customer friendly. It is more accessible and you do not have to roll on high stakes, no long lines for cash out and other uncomfortable circumstances you might experience with a land based casino.