How Free Bingo Can Still Offer Huge Progressive Bonuses

Free bingo games have been enjoyed by lots of players in many countries even before the birth of new technology. When technology became part of everyday life, it made things easy and available with access to an internet connection. With that said, bingo games are no longer restricted to their operations in bingo halls or establishments but are made available online. Players are now able to play anytime and anywhere they wish.

Free bingo players have had a lot of fun online. And though these are free games, many free bingo game websites offer real cash as prizes to players. Some of the websites offer their players progressive jackpots. Players then get the chance of winning huge amounts of money without spending anything to play on the site.

The Benefits of Free Bingo to the Online Bingo Sites and Players

The word “free” in most cases can grab the attention of anyone, rich or poor. So with free bingo offered on online bingo sites, people flock to see what’s in it for them. They all want to know more about it and their eagerness drives them to give it a try.

Most, if not all, bingo sites thrive because of avid bingo players. And to return the favor, these sites offer free bingo games as a way of saying “thank you” to their loyal customers. It has also been a strategy to catch the attention and gain the trust of new players who later become avid bingo players on their sites.

Avid bingo players become the main strength of every bingo site in the long run. These players can be counted as long term assets to the bingo business since they take on the most important role of generating profits for the company. Offering free bingo games is but a little consolation that benefit both players and the bingo company. The players appreciate the free offer as a reward for their loyalty while the bingo company considers this a strategy to make the player stay. It is also one way of beating competitors who do not give free games to their customers.

Here are the benefits to players:

1. Players can now play without hassle or cost anytime and round the clock. All they need is an internet connection and a computer.

2. Free bingo games stop players from spending money yet they can experience the same thrill and enjoyment as when they play a paid bingo game.

3. Players get the chance to receive bonuses by playing free games to a certain level or accumulated number of points.

4. New players are given the opportunity to play and test the site before signing up to play for cash.

5. New players get the chance to learn how to play the game and its rules and regulations. They eventually become experts and members of the bingo site that offers the free play.

6. Free bingo games benefit those players who are simply visiting the site to practice on the weaker parts of their game

And here are the benefits to online bingo site owners:

1. Offering free bingo games to existing and long term players is a way of thanking them for their patronage. This is to say that they are recognized and that the management is aware they are there and are contributing to the success of the business.

2. The free offer will attract players to the site and see what is creating the uproar. Two things can happen – new players will take the free offer and stay on the site to play while regular customers and expert players from competitor sites may choose to sign up with the host site and become one of their loyal customers, too.

3. Online bingo sites with free offers have the option to give out one-time prizes or progressive bonuses. One-time prizes are usually given as welcome bonuses to newbies while a progressive bonus can be given as a result of earned points. This means a player does not visit and play on the site once but for as long as he wants until he reaches the number of points needed to acquire the bonus.

4. Retaining customers for a longer period of time because of the free offers will generate great traffic to the website. Great traffic means great ranking on Google and more profit.

Features of Progressive Bonuses

Progressive bonuses are regularly offered at online bingo sites. These are also made available to players in physical casinos. Physical casinos collect money by selling bingo cards and tickets. Online bingo sites do the same but without the physical cards and tickets.

In online casino sites, the equivalent of a physical bingo card or ticket in a physical casino is an e-card or electronic card or e-ticket with a reference number or code which can be used to play a free game or a progressive bonus game. The code is only accessible by the player who has earned the bingo card or bingo ticket. The number of rounds that a customer can play depends on the casino site’s terms and conditions.

The amount offered for progressive bonuses in any casino site or in physical casinos are affected by the number of cards or tickets purchased by customers. The more customers purchase or claim a ticket or card, the more the progressive bonus amount grow. This means profit for the online casino site as well as a chance for any one of the lucky players to take home a large amount of money.

The most common progressive bonus is often called the progressive jackpot. This progressive jackpot is the actual amount that a player can take home when he wins. But as for any game, free or not, there are rules and regulations that need to be followed. These rules and regulations differ from one site to another and from country to country where bingo playing or any gambling game is permitted. Players have the freedom of selecting a certain casino site to play free bingo games or paid ones but they also have the responsibility of checking whether or not playing bingo or any gambling game is allowed in their country.