How to beat the big online gambling companies

The online gambling sector is coming close to enter its official 21st year of existence. In the last two decades, many online gambling companies have dominated the landscape of the industry because of certain factors which are enlisted below. The top tiered companies include a combination of older firms who set their foot in the industry in the late 1990s and even those that caught up the scene much later. Whether they belong to the new breed like Amaya Gaming Group from Canada or part of the old variety, all of the bigger companies do have some interesting events or highlights, some of which are enlisted below.

Top 10 online gambling companies

  • 888 Holdings (Net Worth $0.93 billion)

888 Holdings have been known for focusing and creating high-profile and high-class online gambling sites ever since their inception in 1997. They prioritize quality over quantity even though they are renowned for creating every type of games like poker, bingo, sports, casino and casual games. Their overall worth is relatively big taking into consideration that they operate just a handful of sites compared to some of the other top online gambling companies on this list.

William Hill nearly bought this company in 2015 but the latter did not budge through negotiations as it tightly held on to its evaluation of £3 for each share. And, William Hill wanted to buy it for £2/share.

  • party (Net Worth $1.06 billion)

In 2011, Bwin Interactive and PartyGaming merged and the result was the creation of  Party Gaming, which was introduced in 1997, dominated the online poker scene before the UIGEA was passed in 2006. This forced them to move out of the US and remain on the London Stock Exchange. They are currently ranked number 3 in the online poker scene behind Full Tilt Poker and Amaya’s PokerStars. In addition, they have a staggering sports betting product in Europe., which is also one of the top online gambling companies, was on the receiving end of a lot of criticism since they were giving astounding bonuses even when going through a period of poor growth in the year 2014. However, this did not deter them which is why you see them on our list.

  • Net Entertainment (Net Worth $1.24 billion)

If you dig into the history of the online gambling industry, especially in Europe, you’ll notice that there have been a handful of top online gambling companies who dominated the market without permitting any new firms to challenge their position. Even though Net Entertainment was launched in 1996, they put up a strong challenge to their competitors and won plenty of major victories.

The top online gambling companies in those days had an array of games under their belt, which made it extremely difficult for others to give them a fight. What Net Entertainment did was totally different and unique. They started producing games that were much better with respect to quality. The themes used and the graphics of the games were truly outstanding, and this led to a paradigm shift in the online gambling market.

  • Unibet (Net Worth $1.58 billon)

Since 1997, Unibet has been producing brilliant gaming products in almost every imaginable sphere of the industry. They boast of 10 million players worldwide and are based out of Malta. Their efforts have resulted in them winning a lot of awards, particularly in the field of sports betting like the eGaming Review Sports Betting Operator of the Year for 2009, 2008 and 2006. In 2009, they also won the Live Casino Operator of the Year award.

They support a huge number of languages like English, Finnish, Polish, Czech etc.

  • Betsson (Net Worth $2.28 billion)

Bettson is one of the largest online gambling companies in Sweden. Their original focus was on B2B efforts before they opened up in the B2C arena. Even though the company was launched in 2000, the people backing it along with the company were co-operating since the 1960s. This indicates that they have a rich long history in the field of gambling.

The main factor that has led to the wide spread popularity of Betsson is that they seek agreements aggressively to work with and acquire firms all over the globe. For instance, in 2011, they purchased the Betsafe Group and signed a major deal with a Chinese government company regarding carrying out gaming activities within the country. Their ability to find and secure such deals is what makes Betsson stand out from the pack.

  • Betfair Group (Net Worth $2.28 billion)

Betfair , which was established in 2000, changed the betting scenario completely by setting a market where gamblers could offer and approve the wagers of every other player instead of dealing only with fixed-odds packages. This has resulted in them being one of the top online gambling companies in the world.

  • Playtech (Net Worth $3.32 billion)

Generally known as one of the biggest online gambling companies when it comes to volume, the main feature of Playtech that sets them apart is their immense reputation for their selection of online casino games. They also focus on other areas, such as sports betting, poker and bingo. The company was formed in 1999 by Teddi Sagi and after hitting the London Stock Exchange in 2006, at approximately £550 million, the passing of the UIGEA gave it an instant drop of 40% in the same year.

  • Amaya Gaming Group (Net Worth $3.62 billion)

The Amaya Gamin Group is the one of the biggest online gambling companies in Canada. Unlike many other firms on this list, Amaya is an investment group which has bought a number of great assets. The success of the firm can be credited to CEO David Baazov who took the company from tiny beginnings to its present status as one of the main juggernauts in the internet gambling circle.