How to stay one step ahead of the big online gambling companies

If a person runs a good casino business, then it can be very expensive trying to maintain it, since it also provides a whole variety of profitable returns to online gambling companies. Casinos in the gambling industry should adapt some marketing strategies, which can help the company recoup the expenses that they have spent for running the gambling business.

One of the most excellent marketing strategies, according to several online gambling companies, is to concentrate on reeling in new clients, keeping their existing ones, while allowing the re-activation of those clients who have either left the site to search for new casinos, or have stopped their online gambling altogether.

Some Marketing Strategies of Top Online Gambling Companies

Keeping potential clients is as important as inviting them in. The cost of getting new clients is slowly getting higher, so building a great customer retention strategy which lets these online gambling companies keep their loyal players returning is important. Providing a great VIP service for these players, especially the high-rolling ones, is the best way to go, since they get some fabulous privileges, like additional bonuses, special deals, free tickets for the site’s upcoming events, as well as a personal VIP manager that takes care of their every whim.

These online gambling companies have the tendency to utilize some unexpected, not to mention, really creative, promos when it comes to launching brand new titles to keep the players interested. They also provide some extra spins or extra plays. These promos include welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, and refer-a-friend bonuses, among others. They often successfully encourage potential clients to register, make an initial deposit, and play their games. Other incentives include cashback promos, free play, as well as other loyalty promos that allow players to score some points for participating in activities held inside the casino. In turn, these points can be spent on different rewards.

The best online gambling companies offer some great in-game events, which provide their clients with prizes for finishing a particular task, and allowing them to continue visiting the site to play. One example is giving away some ticket-based tournaments, which lets players acquire tickets and participate in big events and tournaments. These tournaments are held during a particular time, in play-for-fun mode.

One more idea that these online gambling companies have is by providing creative concepts for seasonal events, like Christmas, Easter, sporting events like the World Cup, and others. These sites provide daily promotions on a regular basis, which usually consist of bonuses, or free spins.

The more successful online gaming companies always make sure that they send their clients push notifications and email alerts, which remind them of the upcoming tournaments and future game releases. These alerts also encourage them to place a quick wager, which is based on the player’s own gambling history at the site. Recent data has shown that push notifications can heighten the engagement to nearly 40%, and drive retention up to 116%.

Customer relationship management is also a highly important strategy when it comes to creating the best online gambling companies. An excellent customer service management system lets these virtual companies keep their most prized clients, and maximize their returns on their own marketing investments. It allows these companies to build a better, closer relationship with their own clients and to treat them differently, based on their spending habits on the site, and their own preferences in the site. CRM systems usually keep and provide some information about the site’s player statistics, including the average wager, the amounts of wins and losses on the site, or how far in the future their players will end up wagering on sports events and casino games. Another factor is the amount of time spent inside a game window. Online gaming companies use this to predict the frequency of user visits, and the prizes that they want, as well as to handle bonuses and promos and make some personalized offers.

Instead of just concentrating on the promos and bonuses, a lot of renowned companies tend to offer their clients a unique experience not found on any other gambling Website.

Leading Online Gambling Companies

William Hill Casino – This site is the oldest company on the list, having been around since the 1930s. The company takes its name after William Hill, its founder. Hill started taking in some bets all thanks to a loophole that he was able to find in the 1930s gambling ban, which was prevalent throughout Britain during that era. The reason why William Hill is so different from other online gambling companies is because of the fact that the site is free to use their decades of experience of the land-based casino gambling industry, in order to define how their site works. Many years of experience has allowed these companies to dominate the European gambling scene, especially in the world of online sports betting.

Paddy Power – This is perhaps the most popular and the biggest gambling company in Ireland. They have made a fantastic name for themselves. Aside from offering their clients some really good services, Paddy Power conducts their promos through some one-of-a-kind marketing campaigns. This company was founded back in 1988, when three bookmakers decided to merge their shops together under one title. These online gambling companies, were, in particular, determined to expand their name to more Irish betting shops, especially in the late 80s and early 90s, and this provided them with a strong foothold in the gambling industry.