Is online gambling legal everywhere in the world?

It might be easy to assume that the activity is legal in every country of the world among adults who meet certain requirements. However, you might be surprised to learn that gambling is illegal in certain regions and countries in the world.

It’s More Complicated Than You Might Think 

The situation about the legality of online gambling throughout the world can be best summarized as a complicated situation. How is that possible? Like just about everything in life, there are many factors and details that determine whether or not online gambling is legal and illegal in certain countries.

The easiest answer to the countries are countries that actually have a ban on online gambling. They include the United States, China, The Netherlands, and Turkey. It’s quite clear that online gambling via the Internet is illegal in such countries, and you could find out quite quickly if you were caught gambling on the Internet in those countries.

On the other hand, there are other countries that have a fully-regulated Internet gambling system. This includes various issues such as licensing authority, requirements/procedures published such as those involving licenses, taxes, auditing , and so on. If you were the gamble in these countries you wouldn’t have to worry about asking: Is online gambling legal in this country?

Countries included in this group include:

  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • UK

There are some other countries in this group so it’s important to do your research before determining whether or not it’s legal to bet in certain countries.

However, a more complicated situation is countries that just allow web-based gambling through government-owned monopolies. That includes countries such as Norway and Portugal. In such countries gambling is technical illegal, but must always be conducted through the government.

There are also other countries that also have monopolies but are less transparent about it. The countries don’t technically have a ban on gambling. However, the citizens are only allowed to gamble with companies with a license to offer such services in that nation. However, the main issue is that they don’t issue licenses to companies, which basically provides the government with a gambling monopoly. One example is Greece.


However, in answering the question: Is online gambling legal? There’s a more complicated situation. It involves countries that have a federal ban, but gambling is permitted on the state level. That includes the US, where gambling is legal in Nevada and New Jersey. There’s also Germany, where there’s  Schleswig-Holstein.

Similar to the federal-state relationship in the US, there’s the relationship between European countries and the US. In theory, if there’s a gambling license in one EU state, it’s valid in all EU states. However, if you use a license from one country to open a gambling company in another country you’ll likely have problems.

The question: Is online gambling legal? has another complicated situation. There are countries that have a lot of gambling legislation, but the laws don’t include details about gambling.

It’s important to note that the laws about online gambling are always changing. That’s before any discussion about laws that are specific to certain games. This is a very complicated situation that is always changing, so it’s important to be aware of the latest updates and news about the issue.

However, it’s safe to say that some countries in the world certainly have outdated laws and policies about gambling. Their answer to is online gambling legal? is to ban gambling instead of creating safe places for people to make bets, or regulating places where people bet.

History shows that simply banning betting is an ineffective step to take. The majority of jurisdictions focus on penalties for betting halls or casino operators. However, other target individual companies. In the case that you live in an area where gambling is legal, but you sometimes go to other nations, it’s wise to make yourself familiar with the laws there. Here are details about gambling laws in certain regions of the world:

Middle East/West Asia

A large portion of the Middle East is under Islamic laws, which prohibit all gambling. Some areas allow horse race betting, but it’s better to avoid it just to be safe. There are some areas that have laws that are clearly anti-casinos, including Qatar and Kuwait. However, the penalties for making bets isn’t obvious. In fact, the penalties for gambling in such countries can be quite serious.

When traveling to the Middle East and you’re wondering: is online gambling legal? you should make sure to verify what the laws are in the particular area where you’ll be. This will help to avoid a lot of potential problems that you could encounter by placing bets in those countries.


Before you visit any country in Asia, it’s important to research the gambling laws for the country and particular region in the country where you’ll be visiting. Some countries have very clear guidelines ab out gambling, but you might be surprised about the laws in certain countries. Fore example, it’s illegal to even have a deck of playing cards while in Thailand.

However, in other countries the gambling laws are more specific, so you’ll have fewer problems learning: is online gambling legal? For example, in China some types of gambling are permitted, but are very restricted.

If you’re wondering: is :  online gambling legal in Japan? Some types of gambling are permitted. However, if you do illegal gambling you could face a high fine and a jail sentence of 3 years.

In Malaysia gambling is only allowed in one situation. If you gamble outside of that situation you face a large fine and sentencing up to 6 months.

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong there are a couple types of gambling that are allowed. Also, that’s only in certain situations. In fact, if you’re found to be guilty of gambling in that country you could face a high fine and 9 months of imprisonment.

In Korea betting isn’t legal. Not only that, but Koreans also allowed to gamble anywhere in the world. In fact, the penalty is the same whether it’s in Korea or another country. It includes a high penalty and 3 years of imprisonment.

Next, in Singapore that are only 2 betting venues that allow people to gamble legally. Even online betting can result in a big fine and up to 6 months of imprisonment.

In answering the question: is online gambling legal? the answer is that it’s a complicated because there are different rules and regulations in different countries and regions. If you’re planning to travel abroad make sure you find out the specific laws about gambling there, or you could have some problems about the legalities.