Mobile phone gambling 101

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”- Arthur C Clarke.

The 20th Century’s pioneer sci-fi writer Arthur C Clarke was almost right to quote it, but probably he missed certain dimensions of technology which makes it not only indistinguishable but also something more than a magic. So what do we call a magic? The most important characteristic of a magic is that it provides you with something which is really unexpected or even shocks you sometimes. Technology with all its myths is truly providing us with instances which give us chances of being in the state of unexpectedness. Try your luck in this game of unexpectedness.

Try your luck in this game of unexpected results. The technology around you will spell the magic chants. Welcome to the carnival of online luck making magic show. Your arena is your device that you are holding in your hands, or the screen of the computer that you are staring. You may have guessed by now what is being talked about. Yes probably you are right. It’s the online casino platform. Try your luck at this.
Nowadays there are ample platforms which provide with the service related to online casinos. One of them which is currently in vogue is mobile phone gambling. Perhaps mobile phone gambling is one of the most sought-after among all as this provides one with chances of luck at the fingertips.

Why go for mobile phone gambling?

There are certain factors which have made the concept of mobile phone gambling popular. Some of them are:

  1. Your mobile phone is the most portable device that you have around you.
  2. Carrying your mobile phone nowadays is a necessity.
  3. You can use it anywhere you like.
    Won’t you want to try some luck and earn some money while you are on your way to your office? Surely you do.

All you need to get your luck on right track
All you need to try your luck through mobile phone casinos is a multimedia mobile phone with internet connectivity. Most of the operating systems come up with applications in the play stores which give an opportunity to go for mobile phone casinos. Just get a multimedia phone with Java Enabled Technology, connect it to the internet and luck is at your fingertips. Obviously if you care to spend more do opt for a 3G internet connection as that will make your luck come fast to you. Commonly used supported devices include:

  1. Andriod
  2. Blackbeery
  3. I-pad.
  4. I-phone.
  5. Windows Phone.
  6. Play stores (app based).

The types of mobile phone gambling which you can opt for varies widely. You can opt for sports betting. Sport betting is already a popular phenomenon. A report in The Guardian puts down the trend, as it has not only allowed users to bet for a particular outcome but also it has allowed to dynamically and potentially bet for particular events within the game. There are other platforms too like the ones that you have seen in casinos and include a wide variety like slots, video pokers, black jack, roulette, craps and baccarat. Other than this one of the most widely played games through mobile phone gambling platform is Online Poker.

Know how to choose the right arena

But before getting yourself involved in this game, it’s important to know the rules it and the facts that will help you choose the right arena. Mobile phone gambling process is quite competitive and a number of platforms provide this opportunity. However these are the factors which one needs to know before stepping out on the floor

  1. Authenticity of the license of the mobile phone gambling platform.
  2. Information regarding who owns it.
  3. The nature and the details of the software being used.
  4. Details of the sign in and welcome bonus and the play through requirement.
  5. The authenticity of the payment gateway.
  6. Quality of customer service provided by the platform.
  7. Rules of the games.
    These are a list of important factors though not exhaustive which have to be looked upon before choosing the right platform for mobile phone gambling.

What’s the hurry? Before trying your luck, look at the pros and cons of the process which will make your understanding of the rules better.

Pros and cons of mobile phone gambling

Pros include:

  1. You can try your luck from anywhere you like. It’s at your fingertips.
  2. You don’t have to face the hassles of a casino which include smokers, loud music etc.
  3. You don’t have to individually deal with the players which reduces chances of physical rivalry.
  4. Rules are better in online casinos and the probability of winning is more.
  5. You don’t have to tip anyone.

Cons include:

  1. It takes 24 hours to weeks in receiving the amount on cash out.
  2. Customer care can be poor which may lead to problems.
  3. There is no such impartial organization where you can lodge a complaint in case of any grievance.
  4. In case of transaction made by credit card the statements mostly include the name of the merchant bank rather than the casino.

However apart from this one of the biggest problem in mobile phone gambling which is a legitimate issue too is widespread player’s abuse in the platform. Due to growing competitiveness however the platforms now have resorted to blacklisting of such players.

Before going to try your luck with ease through mobile phone gambling you need to remember a basic fact. The platforms can only provide you with ease; however one needs proper calculation and should know the rules to get the desired and magical results. So your mobile phone is just the magic stick that you have got. You have to know the spell to get the magic right. Remember both the stick and the spell is important to get the results of the magic. So what are you waiting for? Try your luck and earn through mobile phone gambling.