Why do people gamble online and avoid traditional casinos?

The growing trend in the world of gambling is to gamble online. The phenomenal rise in this new past-time is partly due to the increasing accessibility of the internet. Free Wi-Fi can be found everywhere; coffee shops, pubs, on-board trains and coaches and of course in your own home. Another reason for its growth is that it is now more acceptable to gamble. In the past gambling almost had a stigma attached in that it wasn’t the sort of past-time an average person would take part in. Bingo was played by cigarette smoking old ladies with blue rinsed hair. This was an image which was partly true. Of course it is far from the truth now. Younger people can gamble online without leaving their home, so it doesn’t matter who the other players are: you cannot be seen.

As television plays a greater part in peoples’ lives the stars on screen have become household names. These stars are paid to advertise certain products which then become tempting. Casino games are no different to any other consumable product. If an actress from a popular “soap opera” is endorsing a game of bingo it immediately becomes more acceptable to participate in it by ordinary people.

Another reason for the rise in popularity to gamble online is the decline of the brick built casinos and bingo halls. Most people do not live close enough for a visit to a real casino to be practical. Fear is another factor. Fear of going to a real casino for the first time, not knowing what to do, not really knowing how to play, fear of making a fool of yourself. This is not a problem when playing in your own home. The online sites also offer video tutorials for you to watch, which outline the way to play each game. You will be awarded with some free game money to use until you have a better idea how each game works, so no risk in losing real cash!

Advantages of playing at home when you gamble online.

  • Ease of access.
  • Available 24 hours a day.
  • Welcome bonus offers.
  • Tutorials giving tips and strategies for each game.
  • No dress code.
  • Vast choice of sites.
  • Social acceptance of gambling.
  • Chances to win big jackpots

The brick built casinos will offer free transport to their premises, offer celebrity shows or maybe free hotel accommodation to attract new customers or stop existing ones drifting towards a competitor. Free snacks and soft drinks can also be offered as an incentive. Very often though, unless you live in a very large city, you might be lucky enough to have a choice of two venues. Online the choice is almost without limits! When you gamble online, none of these freebies are possible so the online operators have to devise special bonuses to attract and keep its customers loyal.

These bonuses could be:-

  1. Introductory offers and registration bonuses.
  2. Loyalty bonuses for returning players.
  3. Choice of games offered.
  4. The “fun” element on site.
  5. Chat room facilities.

Most online sites try to make your experience as much fun as possible. They do this by the choice of games on offer. They offer themed games maybe based around your favourite TV show or famous landmarks or other quirky themes. They employ chat room hosts who know how to keep the attention of their players by making the games fun to play. They know how to get nervous people to relax and start enjoying themselves, they play “mine host” very well. All this is possible when you gamble online.

It is often a safer environment in which to play when you play online in your own home. No late night journeys home as the pubs close and the streets fill with rowdy youths. No more dreary walks in the ice and snow to get to the casino. No more costly taxis to drop you off at the door. Safety online is now of paramount importance so the operators use the latest technology to provide a safe and secure site on which to play. When you gamble online you need to know that your personal details are safe and your financial transactions are securely handled, both quickly and efficiently. These were the initial barriers that people were unsure of when these online gambling sites first went live. Most of these fears now have disappeared as the service providers recognised potential problems and took steps to eliminate them.

The choice of online site is not just restricted to the country where you are living. If you live in the UK and want to play online bingo on an Australian site, you can. Join in the chat room and get talking to gamers from the other side of the world. The entire world is open for you to choose where you want to be. Try your hand at the casino in Monte Carlo or Macao or Vegas: all possible when you gamble online and need never even leave you front door.

The graphics and sound systems used by these top sites are so realistic, you could almost be there in person. Some sites even have live operators in some of their games so you are not playing against computer generated images. The look and feel of these sites gets better and better as new technology is embraced. To gamble online gets better and better each year!

Once you have a feel for the game, it would be nice to visit a real casino for the experience and atmosphere. You have learnt how to play the game online so should have the confidence to play in a real casino without the worry of knowing what to do or not.

Try o gamble online and open up a whole new world of fun and excitement