The top ten online casino tricks to keep you coming back

KEOne of the largest perks of virtual gambling is the top 10 online casino promotions. There’s huge competition amongst the many virtual casinos and they love to hand out amazing bonuses to their rookie clients. Nowadays, it’s pretty simple to search for the top 10 online casino sites that love to hand their new players up to $100 just by making that initial deposit of $10-$20 for free, just for downloading their software. If the player becomes a customer, these established casino sites will provide their reward and VIP points.

Thanks to the highly competitive nature of the entire casino industry, there’s usually a lot of cash spent in getting a player to sign up for a virtual casino. As a result, these top 10 online casino sites do whatever it takes to make sure that their players are always contented, and continue to enjoy these amazing gaming experiences. Usually, it’s much easier for these casinos to spend a couple of dollars, in order to keep a player around the casino, instead of losing them to other top 10 online casino sites.

There are plenty of different casino promos, and bonuses that these top 10 online casinos will provide to its patrons, as a form of enticement to play on that certain Website. Here are the top 10 online casino promotions from trusted gambling sites:

Top 10 Online Casino Bonuses and Promotions

1.) The casino cash back bonus is the one that players want. With the cash back bonus, the player can get back the cash that they have lost. They can get these bonuses as a credit, or cash inside their account. All casinos have their own set of rules and regulations for providing the cash back bonus. This bonus can keep their players from experiencing a financial disaster, as well as keep them returning to this particular casino site.

2.) Match Bonuses – The most common type of bonuses which are usually offered by these top 10 online casino sites. Percentage based match bonuses require players to put in a deposit, so they can receive some additional cash from the casino. This is essentially a matched percentage of their own deposits.

These bonuses will depend on the casino itself, and will sometimes change alongside the new promos and offers that these casinos hold.

3.) Virtual casino welcome bonuses are given to rookies, whenever they create a new account in these top 10 online casino sites and make their initial deposit. They can check out the small print of these bonuses. The welcome bonus is the biggest and most prolific type of bonus. It can be split into many different styles and types. A welcome bonus is usually a bonus which these top 10 casino sites will provide their players with for opening up an account with them, and by placing in a deposit.

4.) One more virtual casino promo is the ability to play these top 10 online casino games for free. A lot of these casinos today will give out a free play version of some, if not all, of their games. One of the best things about playing free virtual casino games is that it’s a completely risk-free way of playing. So many people use these free games when they’re just starting out, so that they can get to grips with the basics before they can begin playing for real cash. However, a lot of top 10 online casino games are also entertaining enough in their own right, that even players with no budgets to play for money can also play these games for free, for as long as they want.

5.) No Deposit Bonuses – These bonuses are the simplest ones of all the casino bonuses. Players just have to sign up to the casino that’s giving out the bonus. Afterwards, they will receive the money. Players don’t have to make a deposit in order to receive this bonus. Sometimes, it automatically gets credited to their account, and they will have to claim the bonuses through email or a submission form found on the top 10 online casino site. These types of bonuses are always hassle-free.

6.) High Roller Bonus – The biggest type of bonus is given to those players who prefer to gamble often, using a huge sum of cash. The high roller bonus usually comes with a cash value of around $400. Rookie players will need to create an account in the casino, and deposit a sum of cash to get this particular bonus.

7.) Payment Method Bonus – A virtual offer that is applied when using a broad range of banking methods for players to deposit and withdraw their funds. They might want to encourage their players to utilize a certain payment method, usually an e-wallet payment method, and provide an extra payment bonus, together with the welcome bonus just for using the specific method.

8.) Free Time Bonuses and Free Starting Balance Bonuses – These types of bonuses are new, and at present, only available in Microgaming casinos. The way these bonuses usually work is that a top 10 online casino site will provide their clients with a specific amount of casino credits to play with, and for only a particular amount of time. After the time period expires, any amount over and above the initial amount given to the player to play with is considered as winnings.

The player must then make a deposit and meet a particular betting requirement, to be able to withdraw their winnings.

9-10.) Wager-Based Promotions and VIP Giveaways – These are all based on the amount of cash that players put in these sites. If they place a bet on a particular amount for one month, they can either receive points which can be traded for cash, entries for prize draws, or as a simple token of appreciation from the casino itself. Some of these great promos can be the prizes that have been offered through the years, and are included in the top 10 online casino active bonuses.