Which Online Gambling Sites Have Set the Standard for Others to Follow?

When the time comes that gambling starts to be legal in America, this also the time that online gambling sites started to exist. When the Internet started to be widely used in 1990’s, people also opted to create sites specifically for online gambling. In fact, computers started to be created in 1950, and discovery and innovation of the Internet started at the same time. Due to unstoppable human intelligence and innovations, this makes them think of some ways to offer business using existing technology.

The early existence of online gambling sites becomes the beginning of the creation of laws and policies to control it. Many online gambling sites were actually created in the early time of Internet and computer, but most of it fails to operate. However, there are still online gambling sites established during these times that still exist today.
Earliest Online Gambling Sites Gaming Software

You maybe encounter many times the word Microgaming whenever you come across to your favorite site to play your favorite games. To start with, it claims to be the first online casino launched in 1994. However, it did not continue to be an online casino, but instead, it becomes a provider of online gaming software to other online casinos.
Microgaming these days is the top leader of casino gaming software industry. It’s gone through many milestones to earn its throne today. It contributes a lot in the development of online casinos. Microgaming is a founder or co-founder of several agencies licensing online gambling sites today. These are eCOGRA (e-Commerce and Online Game Regulation Assurance) and IGC (Interactive Gaming Council). These agencies are now the implementer of necessary laws that control online casinos.

The additional licenses that Microgaming obtained are from the Gambling Commission, RGA (Remote Gambling Association), MeGa (Manx e-Gaming Association) MGA (Malta Gaming Authority). It supports responsible gaming as it complied with all these necessary licenses. Being the first in the industry, Microgaming who complies with these licenses becomes a model that most other gaming software industries followed.

The next earliest gaming software was Cryptologic that was founded in 1995. It becomes the first competitor of Microgaming. It is based in Dublin, Ireland and powers online casinos such as InterCasino, Casino Joy, and VIP Casino.

The Earliest Online Gambling Sites Powered

If Microgaming did not continue to operate as an online casino, it now serves as the supplier of quality gaming software to the early online gambling sites until today. It produced the first online gaming software used by online gambling sites that rapidly evolved as time flew by. The first online slot developed by Microgaming that features progressive jackpots was introduced in 1998. After that, it is also the first one that made its games downloadable or played directly on the casino sites that it supports. Added to that, it is also the first one to introduce 100 paylines slots and improved its mobile casino software today. Being the first in the industry, it becomes the model that sets the standard of online gaming in which most new online casino industries followed today.

The first online gambling site powered by Microgaming is Gaming Club. It may sound unfamiliar to you but it actually began in 1994. It is one of the time-tested online gambling sites based in Australia that becomes the first and most trusted online casino by Aussie players. The success of Microgaming linked to this site contributes the most to its success today as an online casino. Microgaming gives licenses for it to use its quality gaming software to make business in the online casino industry.

The Gaming Club offers more than 400 online games from Microgaming today. It follows the standard set by Microgaming that makes it also the model for all other online casinos. It is however not the biggest and most popular site, but one reason for many players to love this site is its long stay in the business. It has time-tested quality games and quality services making it to establish its brand in the industry.

The next oldest online gaming site powered by Microgaming is Intertops Casino. It was established in 1996. It is also like the Gaming Club, however the differences between these two are the online poker and sports betting that Intertops Casino added to its collection of online games. This site serves players mostly Americans, but when the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act 2006) is passed in the US, this banned the operation of online gambling sites on this place. This forces online casinos to shut down their operations in the US, but still remains in the industry today.

Another oldest online gambling site is the Cryptologic powered online casino named as InterCasino. It was established in 1996 and labeled it as “The World’s Best Online Casino”. You see this tagline in most of its advertisements. This site is based in the UK and become one of the trusted online gambling sites on this place. It also follows the online casino standard set by the oldest gambling sites like complying with the licenses that the latter started.
Due to the UIGEA 2006 passed in America, this becomes the reason for many online casinos becoming inoperable in this place. However, if you are an American and want to join the world of online casino gaming, there are actually limited online gambling sites allowing you to play with them. One of these sites is Slotastic Casino powered by Real Time Gaming. Another gaming software developer that was established in 1998 in Atlanta, Georgia. This continues to thrive in the US, defying the UIGEA 2006 that most people believe it to be unclear.

Another casino site that also considered being one of the oldest casino sites is the English Harbour Online Casino. This online casino is an American owned site that was established in 1997. It also belongs to the best casino today that caters to American players. Vegas Technology that was formerly known as Odds On powers this site while the owner is English Harbour Gaming Venture. The players on this site enjoy online games such as Millionaire Casino, Slots Galore, Super Slots, VIP Slots, Caribbean Gold, Silver Dollar, and many more.

These online casinos such as the Gaming Club, Intertops, InterCasino, and English Harbour are more than decades old now. They are always included in the top rated online casinos because they always perform the best services proven by their time-tested operation in the casino gaming industry. These entire old casino sites become mothers to all new casino sites established today. These new sites follow their footprint to operate legally in the world of this business. As the development of technologies moved at a fast pace, it influences these old and new online gambling sites to offer their services in a unique way different from each other.