Who Are the Kings of Online Gambling and How Did They Get There?

The online gambling industry is vast and a lot of people are part of it. The ultimate dream of many online gamblers is to become successful by playing their favourite online casino games. For some, this may sound impossible but there are a lot of people who have become richer by playing online casino games. This, of course, is affected by a lot of factors including skill and luck. You all know that online gambling involves a lot risks and dangers, especially for players who have limited knowledge and experience of it. The main difference between successful online gamblers and the newbies is their experience. So if you want to become someone big in the gambling industry, you better start practicing today and develop your own gaming strategies.

Successful People in the Field of Online Gambling 

Various stories have been told about the biggest names in the online gambling industry. You will be amazed at how these personalities started their gambling careers. Some of them didn’t even think about ruling the industry but it just happened without them knowing. However, this is usually applicable to people who have a lot of luck in store and those who have strong determination. Otherwise, you might just get a little taste of success but when the tables turn, you will be caught off guard. Nevertheless, if you really want to be successful in the online gambling industry, you need to spend more time in studying it thoroughly. There are no guarantees that you will really become successful in the field because it is mostly all about luck and chance, but it helps if you have the appropriate knowledge that will take you to different levels of success.

Here are some of the most successful online gambling personalities that you can get inspiration from:

  1. Sheldon Adelson
  • This is the first name that will come into your mind when you talk about powerful personas in the online gambling industry. He is the founder of the Las Vegas Sands, which in itself is a big name in the industry as well. This is the same company that owns the world-renowned Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Although Sheldon Adelson focused on his land based casinos, he is an advocate for online gaming. Sheldon Adelson fought hard for the legalization of online gambling and even spent a lot of money just to push through with it. Although it has become a norm during his time, there were still a lot of legislators who wanted to de-legalize the said activity. Sheldon never stopped fighting for it, thus he is now known as one of the most respected personas in the online gaming platform.
  1. Kazuo Okada
  • This man also deserves recognition from the online gaming community. Although his main focus is the traditional gambling industry, he had contributed a lot to the online gaming platform by way of sharing his concepts. Kazuo Okada is the leader in innovating fantastic slot machines that were sold all around the globe. This business tycoon did not stop with slot machines and later on became successful in the international gambling field. He also developed a luxurious resort in the Philippines that helped a lot of people.
  1. Stanley Ho Hung Sun
  • This man is known as the “King of Gambling”. Although he is not that active in the industry today as he was before, his legacy remains. At the age of 22, Dr. Stanley was working as a clerk. Since he was born with great entrepreneurial skill, he used it to climb the ladder of success. During the early 1960’s, he partnered with some business enthusiasts and together they were awarded the government-granted monopoly. This allowed them to take over the gambling activities across Macau. For more than 3 decades, Dr. Stanley and his partners decided to put an end to the monopoly and started inviting large international game players to invest in Macau. This was the start of Macau’s bustling gambling industry.

These three personalities may not be directly related to any online gambling site right now, but they have made a great impact and influence on the operators of your favorite online casino sites today. They might even be the role models of your online site operators and they have contributed so much to the gambling industry as a whole.

Starting Your Own Online Gambling Career

You too can become somebody in the gambling field, as long as you have the will, determination and skills to do it. Achieving that status will require you to overcome mountains of difficulties and struggles. But of course, you need to start with the first step, and that is by playing at real money online casino sites. This will give you an idea how the gambling industry works, which is a must if you want to follow the footsteps of those personalities mentioned above.

Here are some online casino sites that will best hone your online gambling skills today:

  1. BGO Vegas
  • This is the best place to be if you are a Canadian player. BGO Vegas does not only have tight security measures that ensure your safety, but it also has loads of bonuses you can avail of. This site has been around since 2012 and it is still gaining a lot of popularity. Every day, more and more players are signing up with this online casino site because they have everything a player could possibly want. If you wish to play various online casino games like slots, poker, bingo, baccarat, roulette, craps, keno and more in one place, BGO Vegas will be more than willing to accommodate you. Just fill out that registration form at the site’s lobby and you are good to go.
  1. Spin Palace Casino
  • This is another well-respected online casino site. Spin Palace Casino lets you experience exquisite gambling while incurring the least cost possible. This online casino site garnered an overall rating of 4.7/5 given by gambling experts. The biggest strength of this online casino site is the software that it is using to produce its games. Since this casino is run by Microgaming, you can play a lot of exclusive games that will definitely rock your night.

The online gambling world is fun if you only know how to handle it. Although the activity itself is very addictive, you should learn to stop when the situation calls for it. There is really nothing wrong with playing real cash online casino games today but you should be careful so that you don’t end up broke in the future.